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Going to Sleepaway Camp As A Kid Might Prepare You Better For College
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You Got Into College, But You Didn’t Get Enough Financial Aid- Now What?
An ‘A’ in Kindness? College Admissions Movement Places Less Emphasis on Tests
Ditch Statewide Tests and Just Use SATs Instead, Educators Say
Former ivy League Insider Shares Why Some Asian Americans Don’t Get In
Should Your Child Choose a Gap Year Like Malia Obama?

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Former Ivy League admissions dean: “Racial stereotyping is alive and well’
Ivy League school’s admissions officers relied on cultural stereotypes, US investigation finds
The US government just found Princeton actually doesn’t discriminate against Asians
Former Ivy League admissions dean: ‘racial stereotyping is alive and well’
Former Ivy League admissions reveals highly qualified Asian American students often get rejected

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Who gets into elite American Universities, and why

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Getting into a college is difficult for the needy
The financial aid bowl is the ultimate high stakes game

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Former Penn Official: Admissions Practices at Elite Universities Hurt Asian Americans

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Former Penn Official: College admissions biased against Asian Americans

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Do teens face too much academic pressure?

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Fewer students apply for federal aid despite extended filing window
With fewer admitted students choosing GW, officials focus on campus community

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