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Wondering How to Help Your Child for College Admissions? Just Show Up

Showing up is sometimes just as important as the actual event.

Tuesday night reminded me of this.[...]

5 Overused College Essay Topics to Avoid

Essay season is my favorite part of the application cycle.

Fortunately for me, it is the one that[...]

It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Take the SAT and ACT

I feel like we have entered the college admissions apocalypse.

The fact that some colleges remain[...]

What Does It Mean to "Reclass" a Student?

Reclass. It sounds like the title of a new Tina Fey movie. I imagine a bunch of teenagers from[...]

4 Insider Secrets to Help You Prep for the New SAT

The first U.S. administration of the digital SAT was newsworthy, but not for the reasons anyone[...]

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