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When It Comes to Course Selection, Just Count to Five

I have been getting used to a new computer in the last few weeks. Everything is new, including a[...]

Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (1.29.24)

During my first session of Ask America's College Counselor in 2024, I answered questions from[...]

One Mom's Experience Filling Out the New FAFSA

For many years, I squirreled myself in a room, rifling through documents to the backdrop of my[...]

APs Are Being Eliminated at Some High Schools. Should We Be Worried?

The email arrived at 9:59 am on Tuesday. Within seconds, I had a dozen text messages from friends.[...]

5 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Stress in the Admissions Process

As many of you know, my oldest child is a high school senior. I am happy to say that her college[...]

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