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The Most Common Admissions Decision Colleges Make This Time of Year

In the coming weeks, most colleges with Early Decision and Early Action programs will release[...]

My Kids Are Stretched to Their Limits and That’s Not Okay With Me

Last week, my 7th grader had one test on Wednesday, two tests on Thursday, and one test on Friday.[...]

The Most Common Admissions Question I Get Asked This Time of Year

"My child submitted their early application well before the deadline, yet we heard that some of[...]

What Happens to the Admissions Process if SCOTUS Overturns Affirmative Action

Everyone is asking me about the affirmative action case being argued in front of the U.S. Supreme[...]

Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (10.26.22)

During my October Facebook Live Q&A, I answered a ton of great college admissions questions on[...]

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