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A Simple Checklist for Early Decision/Early Action

There are just a few weeks left to apply for a number of Early Decision and Early Action programs.

Here's what you need to do before hitting the "send" button.

1. Send your test scores now!

Official score reports can take several weeks to reach the colleges. And test scores can arrive even before your application does.

2. Review your high school transcript

To not only ensure there are no grade or course errors, but to know what's actually being reported. Class rank, decile ranking, and even standardized test scores can be reported on high school transcripts.

"Make sure that the high school transcript that is sent along with your applications is complete and accurate." TWEET THIS

3. Check in with your letter-writers

To make sure they know the upcoming deadlines and the programs you are applying to.

4. Finish your application and supplement

Most of the highly selective colleges will require additional essays on their supplement. Leave time to work on these additional essays as they are just as important as the main college essay you write.

5. Submit your application...

A few days before the deadline in case there is an issue when submitting it. 

Submitting the first application is always the most nerve-wracking. But they get easier and easier. If you follow the deadlines to a T and review your work in advance, you will be in very good shape.