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#CollegeBoundStories: Adversity is the Greatest Motivator

"I was adopted from South Korea when I was six months old. I'm Asian, but raised in a White household."

"I've never had a desire to return to South Korea. My blood is back there, but my family is here."

"I struggled quite a bit in school before getting diagnosed with ADD at the end of 10th grade. I tried a bunch of study habits until one finally worked."

"In 11th grade I was hoping to knock it out of the park but I got two collapsed lungs in the fall and I missed weeks of school."

"I was in the hospital for 19 days. Those 19 days in the hospital were eye-opening. I realized my strength and the strength of those around me."

"To the doubters, I would say I've made it this far; I'm capable of much more. I'm going to use their doubt as motivation in my senior year. I am going to college."