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Early Admissions Decisions Are Coming: Here Are 10 Things You Need to Know

If you applied Early Decision or Early Action, you will most likely be finding out your decision any day now. December 10th through the 15th tend to be the most popular dates for decision releases during the early round.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind during this momentous time:

1. Most institutions are releasing decisions through an online portal. Check your email for login information and details about the date and time decisions will be released. Many times, admitted students will get a packet in the mail a few days later.

2. Some institutions still use “snail mail” for all decisions so it might take a few extra days.

3. If you are not sure how the decision process works or you are missing your login information, contact the Admissions Office directly via email or by calling the main number.

4. The best plan is to open your admissions portal away from school when you are alone or with close family by your side. If you get admitted, you want to savor this moment with those individuals who will want to celebrate with you. If you get deferred or denied, you will most likely want to process that decision before sharing with others.

5. Financial aid awards may or may not be available at the time of admission. If it’s not included in your admission packet, there is usually information indicating when and how it will be sent under a separate cover.

6. If you are admitted through an Early Decision program, the institution will expect you to send in a deposit within a few weeks of your acceptance. Fee waivers or reduced deposits may be available to those in need. Contact the Admissions Office with questions regarding your deposit.

7. Early Action acceptances are non-binding. Students have until May 1st to reply back to the institution.

8. A deferral means that the student will be re-evaluated in the Regular Decision applicant pool.

9. If a student is denied, they cannot reapply to the institution in the same calendar year.

10. The college process is a journey. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.