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Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (1.25.23)

My first session of Ask America's College Counselor of 2023 garnered college admissions questions from parents and students across the country on topics like merit scholarships, summer plans, course selection, and much more!

If you missed this Facebook Live Q&A, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video.

  • Can a family negotiate merit aid?
  • What should my daughter plan to do the summer before senior year?
  • If a student commits to a school before merit scholarships are released, could the merit offer be affected?
  • How do admissions officers view "pay-to-play" summer programs?
  • Is it smart to ask a college professor for an (extra) letter of recommendation if my son is applying to that college as well as other colleges?
  • Do you need to choose a major when you apply to college?
  • My son is interested in STEM and really doesn't want to take a 4th year of foreign language. How much of an issue do you think this is for highly selective colleges?
  • What should sophomores do over the summer?
  • Do the admissions officers at need-blind colleges know if a student is applying for financial aid?
  • Is there downside to retaking the SAT?
  • Is it worthwhile to take a community college course in your intended major?
  • For a highly selective school, should you submit an AP score of 4?
  • My daughter plays sports all three seasons and is on a travel team. She has very little time to do anything else. Is it going to be a problem that she has not joined any clubs?

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