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Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (12.16.20)

I answered questions about getting deferred, standardized tests, financial aid, and more, during my last session of Ask America's College Counselor in 2020!

If you missed my December Facebook Live Q&A, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video.

  • When will we know if colleges are going test optional for the class of 2022?
  • I have a junior and her college choices do not require an ACT or an SAT, but her school wants her to take the PSAT. What benefit would this give her?
  • How important are grades from first semester of senior year if decisions are still pending?
  • Can you negotiate your financial aid award if your student was accepted Early Decision?
  • When is the appropriate time to let Regular Decision schools know about updates?
  • If my SAT score is toward the lower end of the middle 50% range, should I submit it or apply test optional?
  • Do admissions offices use a software program to filter applications?
  • Will applying test optional to highly selective schools be seen as a negative?
  • If your child does not get merit money or doesn't receive as much as he/she hoped, is it appropriate to ask about it?
  • Are you obligated to study the major you list on your application?
  • What should you do if you were deferred and still want to get in?
  • Are colleges only interested in the applicant’s unweighted GPA and not weighted GPA?
  • What are my chances of getting off the waitlist?
  • If a student is deferred what should the Letter of Continued Interest indicate?
  • If a student is rejected from their highly selective Early Decision school, should they change their college list to include less competitive schools?
  • You mentioned getting an idea of if a college is a good fit based on median ACT or SAT scores. Where do we source this?