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Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (4.30.20)

For this month's rapid-fire Facebook Live Q&A, questions came in from students and parents all over the country on topics like how COVID-19 is affecting college admissions, what juniors should be doing right now, if seniors should take a gap year, and more!

In case you missed it, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video!

  • What are the top things that juniors who intend to apply Early Decision should do in the next few months?
  • Do you think that more students will stay closer to home due to COVID-19? Will out-of-state students have a harder time getting into a state school?
  • What are your thoughts on colleges charging full prices for online learning?
  • Should my daughter take a gap year and reapply to her dream school next year?
  • Will colleges be asking for senior year first marking period grades since second semester junior year grades were mostly based on virtual learning?
  • If there are a lot of class of 2020 students taking a gap year, will this affect the admit rates for the class of 2021?
  • If your child has to help with a family obligation (e.g. a disabled family member), where can they put that on their Common Application?
  • My daughter took her SATs in the fall & did well. Will her scores “count less” if a school has just changed to test optional due to cancelled tests.
  • How do I find a list of the best colleges for a major my daughter is considering?
  • Will having pass/fail grades in high school negatively impact my daughter when other high schools are assigning grades?
  • Is it easier to get into a selective college from a highly competitive high school where you may be lower ranked or a less selective high school where your class ranking may be higher?