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Facebook Live Recap: College Admissions 101

Each year, I host a Facebook Live Q&A on college admissions 101 for new viewers and familiar faces alike! This session is my chance to cover all of the college admissions basics, and to answer questions on things like college applications, college majors, admissions options, and more.

In case you missed it, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered during my July 13th Facebook Live Q&A and to watch the full video on college admissions 101!

  • As the admissions process has become much more competitive over the last several years, what can students do to increase their chances of admission?
  • If you have a choice between filling out the Common Application and filling out an institution's own application, which one would you choose?
  • Does a student from a private high school have an admissions advantage over a student from a public high school?
  • How can a student make their college application stand out?
  • Will a student have a better chance of getting admitted if they apply to a less competitive major?
  • What if a student doesn't know what major they want to pursue in college?
  • Should a student identify their race on their applications?
  • How do you find reliable information to make a well-balanced college list?
  • Why do colleges use Early Decision and Early Action?
  • What happens if you apply Early Decision and get admitted, but the financial aid package isn't strong enough?
  • Can you apply both Early Decision and Early Action?
  • Can a student get a merit scholarship at at test optional college?