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5 Things to Think Twice About This Semester

Are you a high school senior who just got admitted to your top choice college? Congratulations!

Now that the pressure is off, you want to enjoy the rest of your senior year. I know. I remember that feeling too. But it’s really important not to slack off. The college that admitted you stated in your acceptance letter that your admission is contingent upon you continuing to do well in and out of school.

Think twice before you:

1. Drop academic courses for less rigorous courses or study halls

Unless you are struggling, colleges don’t like to see you drop a core academic class after being admitted to college. In fact, you are required to update them if you decide to change your senior schedule. The colleges hold all the cards. If they don’t approve of you dropping a course or swapping it for a less challenging course, they will tell you. If you drop the course anyway, your offer of admission is technically on shaky ground.

2. Stop working hard

Keep in mind that you cannot matriculate until the college receives your final transcript. If your grades go down significantly after being admitted, your offer of admission is at risk. You may be required to submit an explanation if your grades go from A’s and B’s to C’s and D’s. You may also be required to postpone your enrollment, begin college on academic probation, or worse yet, have your offer of admission rescinded.

3. Get into trouble

If you get into disciplinary trouble at your school or out of school, your admission may be rescinded as well. Steer clear of situations that will risk everything you’ve been working towards.

4. Keep other applications alive after being admitted to a binding Early Decision program

If you don’t withdraw all other applications after being admitted to your Early Decision school, you are violating the agreement you signed when you applied ED. If the ED college finds out that you are still in the running at other colleges even after being admitted through Early Decision, they could rescind your offer of admission.

5. Take the easy road

Just remember that how you finish high school is actually just as important as how you started high school. You are setting an example for your classmates and the students in lower grades looking up to you. Don’t give your teachers a reason to lose faith in you or doubt your intentions. Go to class. Do your homework. Give back to those around you. You won’t regret it.

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There will be a gradual decrease in the amount of homework that is expected of you during the spring semester of senior year. The intensity of the fall will give way to nice weather, celebrations, end-of-year traditions, and proms.

While you'll still be expected to go to class and do your work, your teachers and parents will typically give you some much-deserved freedom and downtime. Don’t take advantage of this, though. Just because you got admitted doesn’t mean a college will let you matriculate if you’ve gone too far. Your college acceptance is precious and delicate—make sure you treat it as such.