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It's College Interview Time: Here are 5 Things To Avoid

The college interview is an important part of the admissions process.

Not only do interviews provide students with a way to showcase their individual assets that could never come across on paper, they also give students a glimpse, however small, of the college and its network. When it comes to college interviews, it's always good to go in prepared and know what's normal—and what's not.

Here are 5 things that should never happen during a college interview:

1. The interview should never take place at the alumni interviewer's home

Interviews should take place during the day in public venues: coffee shops, libraries, schools, etc. While college interviews often took place in alumni interviewers' homes decades ago, this is no longer common practice. Students can contact the admissions office if the interviewer is requiring that the interview take place at their home.

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 2. The interviewer should not ask where else the student is applying

As much as the interviewer (and even the college) may be curious about where else the student is applying, this is an unfair question. The moment a student shares where else they are applying, the interviewer and admissions committee will begin to judge that student. If asked, the student can respectfully reply that they would prefer to keep that information private.

3. The alumni interviewer should not ask what the student's grades and test scores are

Alumni interviewers are not paid professionals for the admissions office. They don't get to see the students' applications. They should be trying to get to know the student beyond the numbers in the interview. That's the purpose of the interview!

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4. The interviewer should not put the student on the spot and ask where the college ranks on their list

As much as an interviewer may want to know the likelihood of enrollment, the student has until May 1st to make a final decision as long as they don't apply Early Decision. However, if a student is interviewing for their top choice school, they should make sure they let the interviewer know.

5. The interviewer should never make promises to a student

No matter how much the alumni interviewer is impressed by the student, they can't guarantee admission. They do not sit on the admissions committee and, therefore, have limited input into the student's candidacy. If they are impressed with the student, the best thing they can do is write a glowing recommendation for the student after the interview.

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