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Want an Acceptance Letter Now? Consider Rolling Admissions

This past week we got our first round of college acceptances for a number of Application Nation - Class of 2021 students. If you follow my Instagram Story you know which colleges they are!

If you are wondering how students can be getting accepted to college when most high schools haven't even opened yet, it is because of a secret little strategy called: Rolling Admissions.

Now here's the thing, you won't find many colleges listing that they have Rolling Admissions. However, most of the state universities are already accepting applications, reviewing them, and notifying students of their admissions decisions. This is what Rolling Admissions is all about:
Apply and the college will make admissions decisions on a "rolling basis."  In other words, as applications come into the admissions office, the staff will be making decisions as they roll in.

But there are some ground rules first:

  1. Remember that Rolling Admissions programs are more common at your local state university.
  2. Applying as early as possible will give you an advantage in the admissions process as there is a whole lot more room in the freshman class right now than there will be as the official deadlines approach.
  3. Many times a student doesn't even need an official transcript or official test scores. Instead, many colleges are requesting self-reported grades, classes, and test scores for the application. This speeds up the process!
  4. Letters of recommendation and essays are sometimes not required either.
  5. It is usually a very easy application with few requirements.

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With so many students rethinking their college list, the Rolling Admissions programs offer a lot of benefits:

  • Closer to home.
  • Lower tuition costs.
  • A boost of confidence with an early acceptance.
  • Certainty in this uncertain world.
  • A top-notch education!

Here is just a sampling of Rolling Admissions colleges from all 50 states:

Louisiana: Centenary College (Rolling Admissions starting December 1)
New York: Utica College
North Carolina: East Carolina University
South Carolina: Winthrop University
West Virginia: Marshall University
So if you haven't added a Rolling Admissions college to your list, do it now. It will be the smartest decision you make to increase your chances of admission!