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How Many Colleges Have You Visited?

Plenty of college students have chosen their college sight unseen. But that's fairly risky. Visiting college campuses helps you visualize yourself in college and possibly at that particular college. It also helps crystallize what you're looking for in a school. A bad visit is actually just as important as a good visit. Without a bad visit, you don't know what isn't the right fit. Fit is key. When you step foot on that campus, your instincts take over and that's when things come into focus. 

Visiting college campuses will help narrow down your list. Some colleges will rise to the top of your list after a visit—some will get removed from the list based on the visit. 

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Helpful College Visit Tips:

  • Try to visit as many colleges as you can before you apply. Not only will it help you figure out if the application is worth it, but visiting campus can give you an added advantage in the admissions process.
  • Many private colleges and universities keep track if you visit. This is a form of "demonstrated interest." Sometimes this can help get you admitted because it shows that you're interested in the school.
  • For colleges that are farther away, consider visiting if and when you get admitted, especially if they are a large public university or a college that doesn't use demonstrated interest as a factor in the admissions process.
  • If you plan to apply to six colleges, try to visit 2/3 of them—so that would be four visits. If you plan to apply to 12 colleges, try to visit eight of them before you apply. You can visit any remaining colleges after you apply or after you are admitted.
  • You need time, planning, and resources to visit. So, plan ahead and try to use vacation days and breaks to visit.