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Special Edition Facebook Live Recap: Early Decision & Early Action

This month, I hosted a Special Edition Facebook Live Q&A on Early Decision and Early Action! Questions came in from high school students and parents from across the country.

In case you missed it, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video.

  • Should you send in first quarter grades for early applications whether the college asks for them or not?
  • Do you believe there is an advantage to applying Early Action if you are within the college's middle 50% GPA and test score ranges?
  • Does applying Early Decision help at highly selective colleges like Brown?
  • If my son applies Early Decision, doesn’t get accepted under his first choice major but does get accepted under his 2nd choice major, is he still bound to the contract?
  • If you apply Early Decision and do not receive financial aid as estimated, is the acceptance still binding?
  • If a student is deferred in the Early Action round, can they then reapply Early Decision to the same school?
  • Do you anticipate that Early Decision applicant pools will be smaller this year?
  • Please tell us a bit about Restrictive Early Action and any useful strategies for those colleges that have it.
  • If we are still awaiting ACT/SAT scores, should we wait to apply to colleges until we have those scores?
  • How are Early Decision acceptance rates impacted by students who are recruited?
  • Can you apply Early Decision for one college and Restrictive Early Action to another at the same time?
  • Do you think Early Decision acceptance rates at elite colleges will rise this year?