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Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (10.26.22)

During my October Facebook Live Q&A, I answered a ton of great college admissions questions on topics like standardized tests, applying Early Decision and Early Action, filling out the Common App, and much more!

If you missed this session of Ask America's College Counselor, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video.

  • I’m interested in applying to an Early Decision program, but I'm not sure if I can afford it after admission. What should I do before applying? 
  • How should you list activities on the Common App when some are done all year and some are broken up across the year?
  • Does being a part of an honor society help with admissions?
  • Do admissions officers look at what percentile your SAT score is or just the score itself?
  • Where on Common App is it best to list Eagle Scout?
  • Should you include a resume with your application if it's optional?
  • If a student applies Restrictive Early Action, can they keep applying to other schools after that application is submitted?
  • Can you tweak your Common App essay for each school you apply to?
  • Does applying Early Action improve your chances of admission?
  • Do colleges see how many times you take the SAT or ACT? Does it matter if you take the test multiple times?
  • Is it advantageous to apply to highly selective schools from the state of Hawaii?
  • Do most schools superscore the ACT?
  • Should you choose a major even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do or is it okay to apply undeclared?

    (Note: If you're unable to view the video below,
    click here to watch!)