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Facebook Live Recap: Ask America's College Counselor (5.18.22)

This month's session of Ask America's College Counselor included many excellent questions from students and parents on topics like grades, recommendation letters, college applications, and much more!

If you missed May's Facebook Live Q&A, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video.

  • Would a B in an AP/Honors class be better than an A in a regular class?
  • Should my daughter take AP Economics (Micro) or AP United States Government and Politics as an elective?
  • Is it okay to get a C freshman year or should my son retake the class over the summer?
  • My junior son was just awarded the Yale Book Award and the University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Science award. Should he list these on his college applications?
  • If you did well in a class but that teacher is known to not spend much time or effort on letters, should you still ask that teacher for a recommendation?
  • How do we decide which colleges to submit test scores to?
  • My daughter is dyslexic. She has great grades, but average ACT scores. Is dyslexia something we should disclose in the application process?
  • Is it appropriate to give gift cards to the teachers and counselor who wrote your letters of recommendation?
  • Are potentially recruited athletes given leeway in the admissions process for highly selective colleges?
  • What does a letter of recommendation from a college counselor look like vs. from a teacher?

    (Note: If you're unable to view the video below,
    click here to watch!)