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Need a Plan This Summer? Here Are Some Ideas

There's nothing wrong with getting a traditional summer job. I bussed tables, worked at a paperweight shop, and taught seniors how to use computers at my local library back in the day.

But if you are still looking for something to do this summer and you want to build up evidence to support your major (hint: that's a way to strengthen your applications!), then take a look at some of my suggestions. I have listed some popular majors and summer experience options that support them. 

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Apprentice/assistant for a local artist, work at an art gallery or art museum, create an exhibition of your artwork at the local library, create art for public offices in your town


Real estate assistant, retail salesperson, social media content creator for a company


Sterilizer, custodian, or COVID screener in a medical office, server at an assisted living center, EMT-certification


Swimming pool service technician, working in the lab of a makeup company

Computer Science

Neighborhood technology trouble-shooter, help desk worker, software implementer for town's offices/departments 


Teaching assistant at an enrichment program, camp counselor, babysitter


Work for a local engineering firm, reach out to your town's engineering department for volunteer or paid jobs


Copy editor for a local author or professor, independent writer or blogger

Environmental Science

Volunteer for a local environmental agency, build an organic and sustainable garden, mow lawns in the neighborhood, volunteer at a  recycling plant 

Film Production

Write/direct/produce your own film, assistant or apprentice at a local film production company, volunteer to create marketing films for nonprofits in your community


Volunteer or paid position at a local history museum or historical site, online historical transcription


Create a video series on your most recent math class to help future students who take the class, tackle hard-to-solve math problems each week and post your findings, reach out to a local math professor to see if you can help with their research

Political Science

Campaign worker, Board of Elections volunteer, attend and write about public hearings and town meetings in your community


Design and create your own research study, implement a mental health support group in your community, train to identify mental health issues among peers

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For those students interested in other majors, one of the most generous providers of summer experiences is your town offices or community venues. Look at local museums, public parks, public offices, libraries, and colleges nearby. You will be surprised how eager and appreciative these places are for ambitious students like yourself.