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Special Edition Facebook Live Recap: Early Applications

Every October I get a flurry of questions about Early Decision and Early Action. That's why each year at the end of the month, I like to host a special edition Facebook Live Q&A on early applications. During this year's session, I answered viewers' last-minute questions to help them get their applications in tip-top shape before the November 1st deadline.

In case you missed it, keep reading for a list of some of the questions I answered and to watch the full video!

  • What if official score reports, high school transcripts, or recommendation letters don't get to the colleges by the application deadline?
  • Do Early Action decisions ever get released early?
  • Are supplements for a particular major reviewed by an admissions officer or by someone in the department to which the student is applying?
  • Is it a disadvantage to apply Early Decision if a student's test scores fall below the mid-range for that school?
  • What is "guaranteed admission"?
  • How do I know if my test scores have been received by the colleges that I'm applying to?
  • Should a student name a major or interest on their application?
  • Should students requiring financial aid avoid applying Early Decision?
  • When should a student first take the ACT/SAT in junior year to allow time to take the tests twice and still meet the Early Action deadline?
  • Do colleges look at extracurricular activities taking place during senior year?
  • If a student takes both the SAT and ACT and performs exceedingly better on one of them, should the student report both scores?
  • How can a student apply to some schools for one major and other schools for another, using the Common App?
  • If you want to apply Early Decision (deadline 11/1) but will take the SAT on 11/2, how do you let the school know?
  • If a college doesn't require a recommendation letter, should the student send one anyway?
  • Does it matter if a college receives the application on the last day that it is due?
  • What is the difference between Early Admission, Early Decision, and Early Action?