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5 Things to Do Between November 1st and Mid-December

It's T-minus 24 hours before one of the biggest admissions deadlines of the year: November 1st. If you read my blog, you know there are benefits to applying to an Early Decision, Early Action, and/or Rolling Admissions program by this date. For many students, they have been working non-stop since the school year began to ensure that they could submit some "early applications."

But as they hit the "submit" button and receive the fake proverbial confetti from the Common App or another application platform, many wonder what to do next. Wait around? Goof off? No!

Here are five things to do between now and mid-December when most "early" results will be released.

1. Be on the lookout for confirmation that your application was received by the college and/or portal information to track the status of your application. 

Sometimes it takes several days to several weeks to get this information from a college, which can be nerve-wracking to the student. Check your email account (both the inbox and the spam folder) on a daily basis. If it has been several weeks since submitting your application without any response from the college, contact the admissions office.

2. Schedule your interview (if offered). 

Alumni interviewers will often contact the student via email about scheduling an alumni interview. Again, check your inbox and spam every single day. Not all colleges offer alumni interviews. For those that do, it's essential that the student responds to the request.

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3. Keep your grades up.

Several colleges now require first quarter senior year grades for all "early" applicants. And even if a college doesn't require them, students who do exceedingly well can look into sending them along to their "early" choice if that college permits it. High grades senior year can help a student's chances. 

4. Visit any remaining colleges on your list.

Many colleges track demonstrated interest. Visiting those remaining colleges you plan to apply to can make a difference. The sooner you get these visits done, the better. Colleges that track demonstrated interest not only care if you visit, but when you visit.

5. Start working on those applications and essays for Regular Decision.

Do not wait until you hear back from those "early" programs. That could be mid-December or later. Filling out applications and working on essays while you wait for early results is a great distraction. You are in a better mindset to work on these materials now. If you get denied or deferred from your "early" choice, you want to have a back-up plan.
Congratulations to all who have already submitted an application or two! While it feels good to have something off your plate, make sure to get back to work soon after. You will thank yourself for all of the follow-up and due diligence in the end.