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Should I Take the August SAT?

For the first time ever, the College Board will be offering the SAT and Subject Tests in August. This can be an ideal date for students who want to take these tests before the start of the school year.

Before you register here are some things to consider:

  • Given the timing, there will be a large percentage of high school seniors taking the test for the second or possibly third time.
  • Juniors or younger students taking the SAT for the first time must consider whether they are ready to take it this early in the process. Most students take the SAT (or ACT) for the first time after they take the PSATs in the fall of junior year. The PSAT gives them insight into what they need to work on and how to approach the test.
  • Students who prepared all summer long will be in a better position to take the August test SAT and Subject Tests.
  • The August date allows time to receive the score and have it sent officially to any colleges where the student applies. There won't be as much of a rush as there is with the October or November test dates for students applying Early Decision or Early Action.
  • No matter what, students should take a diagnostic SAT and ACT well in advance of registering for any standardized test. This will ensure that the student is taking the right test for them. Colleges have no preferences between the SAT and ACT. Students should try to focus on one test and take it no more than three times.

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Taking the SAT or Subject Tests in August can benefit a student who has spent their summer preparing. Once the school year starts, students will have plenty on their plates. The new test date gives students some breathing room at the start of the school year to focus on their classes, grades, and getting acclimated. Many suspect that there will be a large percentage of seniors taking the August SAT/Subject Tests. If younger students are considering this test date, just make sure they are truly ready.