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College Applications Need Updates to Reflect the Impact of COVID-19

Last week during a Zoom call with my Application Nation - Class of 2021 group (high school juniors[...]

Summer Plans Fell Through? Here's How to Pivot

Over the weekend, our Application Nation - Class of 2021 group pondered an important question: What[...]

Is 2020 the Year of the Gap Year?

The gap year option has been around for decades. In the past, only a very small percentage of[...]

Special Edition Facebook Live Recap: June SAT Cancellation & COVID-19

After the College Board announced that the June SAT and Subject Tests are cancelled, parents' and[...]

The Class of 2021 Will Make History with a New College Admissions Process Due to COVID-19

Every single day another college announces changes to its admissions process for the Class of 2021.[...]

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