February Facebook Live Q&A • Your college admissions questions—answered! READ THE RECAP

Facebook Live Recap: College Visits

The first good impression you get of a college is on a visit to campus. And sometimes you only[...]

Go Back and Visit Those Colleges That Admitted You, You'll Thank Me Later

I know what you're thinking. Your mind is already made up. College A is too rural. College B is[...]

6 Questions You Need Answers to During Your Campus Visit

As families head off for college visits over Presidents' Day Weekend, there will be much to see[...]

Five Things to Know If You Are Planning an Upcoming College Visit

Presidents' Day Weekend is upon us and Spring Break is just weeks away for some high schools.[...]

How Students Can Make the Most of MLK Day and Presidents' Day

Most schools around the country will be closed for Martin Luther King Day on January 16th and[...]

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